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Let us help you to express your MOOD and unique personality.
It’s time to start your shopping experience by ‘clicking’ on 1 of the 5 below MOODS that resonate with you most. 

Bold Black

Black is a color that never goes out of style. Black brings a boldness that will keep your space from looking washed-out, creating a balance of simplicity and drama.

Graceful Grey

The color grey can work for virtually any room. Grey is typically an inconspicuous color and is ‘graceful’ and humble as it allows another color to take the stage.

Inquisitive Indigo

The color Indigo can inspire deep and retrospective thinking. And, like the ocean and other bodies of water, this shade has varying degrees of depth and saturation.

Sentimental Seaglass

Sentimental Seaglass brings a muted gender-neutral shade of color to your interior design; while lending the feel of peacefulness and serenity.

Wistful White

With its lack of pigment, white has been referred to as a ‘non color’; polar opposite of black.  White is clean, crisp and works well with any decor.

What’s your customer’s mood and why does it matter in their future home?

Whether you are the owner of a multi unit retail center or an individual looking to buy window treatments to make your home look better for resale, Ascot can help to do just that.

Professionally presented model homes, elicit dreams of home ownership, setting your home(s) apart from the competition, and most importantly… enticing potential buyers!

What’s your mood and why does it matter?  Because it adds some personality to your interiors.

Enriching your own home, or sales center models, with soft interior window treatments, can help customers visualize desired mood, personality and style.  Win-win for them and you.

Our team of Ascot professionals have coordinated 5 color palettes of ‘up-to-date’ selections to easily choose from; selecting the ‘mood’ to enhance that home’s interior.

Dealer/Retailers, go to OEM tab for more information about Ascot and how to contact us.

Why buy from Ascot, you may ask….
Well, we’ve supplied the HUD and Modular Industry for 40+ years and we know your window sizes and what works.  That takes the ‘guess work’ out of you having to buy retail from box stores or online companies that don’t know our industry. 


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